Terms of use

We would like your relationship with Wimasis to be built upon mutual trust and straightforward communication between us. Therefore, we have set a brief list of human readable terms of use to let you know what your and our rights and duties will be within it. If you have any doubt about these terms or anything not found inside them, please contact us and we will talk about it.

  1. Onimagin Technologies SCA, through our trademark Wimasis, provides standard and custom image and video analysis Services to extract relevant information from biomedical images. Wimasis can also provide you with additional services to support your work upon request
  2. By using our Wimasis' Services, you agree to all the terms below. Services referred to in this document are Wimasis' products, software and websites.
  3. In order to use some of our Services (all except the websites), you need to create a Wimasis' account.
  4. All personal data that you share with us is protected by our privacy policy.
  5. By signing up to Wimasis, we provide you with a free trial for all our Standard Services . Please make use of it to check whether your images are covered by them. If not, please contact us to study how we can adapt our solutions to your needs.
  6. Services that require payment will only be provided once this payment is done.
  7. Image or video packages acquired for an specific Service can only be used for that one and not traded for others.
  8. Please check out our guide of good practices to acquire images and videos suitable for our Services. We are not responsible for any unsatisfactory results when uploading images to our Services that do not meet these requirements.
  9. We commit ourselves to deliver your results within the next 2 working days of the upload of files. If for any reason we are not able to deliver the results within that time, we will get in touch with you.
  10. Wimasis reserves the right to use the images that you deliver to us only for marketing and promotional purposes. We will add no additional information to them to make them traceable or identifiable or use them for any other purpose without asking for your permission.
  11. You agree to receive information about our products, special offers and any other information that we may deem relevant in the email address that you provide at sign-up.
  12. Due to maintenance works, server downtime or any other issues, we may stop providing our Services temporarily at any time. We will do our best to limit the impact of those cuts and will inform you of them when deemed necessary.
  13. If any of the above mentioned issues caused a loss of data stored at our servers, we will do our best to solve it. However, we are not liable for any harm that it may cause you or your business if it cannot be solved. Please always keep a backup of your data.
  14. Due to storage limitations, images from Orders older than one year are erased from our system. Therefore, petitions to review these orders will not be processed.
  15. Your Wimasis' account can be closed after two years of inactivity, canceling all the Services that you may have purchased. You can also close your account at any time in your Profile Settings area of Wimasis. We will then delete all records of your personal data.
  16. In the unfortunate event that Wimasis had to stop providing our Services indefinitely, we would do so with at least six month notice.

Welcome and thank you for joining the Wimasis community.

Wimasis is a project of Onimagin Technologies SCA, Company VAT number ESF56052103.

This Terms of use' latest update was at 12:00 pm on March the 6th , 2019.