Cell and bacteria tracking in time-lapse videos (Chemotaxis, cell migration...)

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Objective, reproducible, and precise quantification of cell and bacteria migration in time-lapse videos is ensured by our WimTaxis online automated solution.

Our solution makes an accurate detection of both cell and bacteria movement in chemotaxis assays. It tracks them providing meaningful data about their trajectories along time-lapse videos from phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy.

You take the images, we do the rest.

About Cell Tracking

Chemotaxis Image Analysis is a crucial aspect in many oncology related research areas. Manual acquisition and evaluation of 2D cell migration is time consuming and lacks in objectivity. Wimasis has developed WimTaxis, a tool to quantitatively evaluate 2D chemotaxis and migration. This analysis tool makes an automated quantification providing results fast without the need to get any extra hardware or software.

WimTaxis is suited for analyzing time-lapse videos from phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy. It measures meaningful parameters related to each cell and bacterium trajectory, such as the forward migration index, displacement, directionality and its velocity.

Just choose the WimTaxis solution that best fits your assay needs, WimTaxis - Cell Tracking or WimTaxis - Bacteria Tracking, and get your analysis done fast and consistently.

Results that make a difference

For every video that you upload, WimTaxis will generate an output CSV sheet file that will give you insight into the outcome of your experiment. Some of the measurements included are:

  • Forward migration index (parallel and perpendicular)
  • Cell/bacterium directionalities
  • Cell/bacterium migration activity
  • Cell/bacterium displacement speed

Besides, a detailed control image is generated in order to help you to visualize the parameters that WimTaxis provides you with:

Cell/bacterium track

Would you like to get any other parameter? Ask for it!

Discover the benefits of using WimTaxis

There are many advantages of adding WimTaxis to your workflow:

  • It is easy to use, fast and automated. Just upload your images and get your results in seconds.
  • Just pay for your number of images, not a cent more. WimTaxis is a pay-per-use service.
  • Takes objective measurements with precision and accuracy.
  • Valid for all microscopy videos, including unprocessed phase-contrast with fluorescence.
  • Suits for the reproducibility paradigm: same rules to measure the same kind of experiments.
  • Check your results from your Wimasis account anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

How it works

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See more about WimTaxis

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