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Wimasis provides automated assay quantification services to take away the burden of analyzing them yourself. Accurate and reproducible assay results at your hand.

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Simplify your assay measurement tasks by uploading your images to our cloud platform and receive results within minutes. No matter ten images or ten thousand, we can take it, fast.

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Match your quantification needs to your budget with our per-image pricing plans. Either through our standard products or a custom solution, we can turn your images into meaningful data.

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Ryang Hwa Lee et al.

TWIST1 and TSG6 are coordinately regulated and function as potency biomarkers in human MSCs

Science Advances
November 2023
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Ronaldo Figueira de Oliveira et al.

Evaluation of the antitumoral effects of the mesoionic compound MI-D: Implications for endothelial cells viability and angiogenesis inhibition

Chemico-Biological Interactions
January 2024
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