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The study of angiogenesis is one of the main issues in cell biology and biomedical research, as it is the basis of many cancer related studies and has also an important role in the investigation of many other diseases. The retinal vascular structure is a privileged scenario to target the evolution and development of angiogenesis, because it constitutes a representative, well characterized vascular network with a restricted two dimensional growth region that is easily accessible for manipulation and for the monitoring of the angiogenic behavior in the target of angiogenesis related illnesses.

Regardless of its accessibility and ease of observance, the monitoring of the angiogenic activity in the retina vessels can become a difficult task when looking for significant objective data to withdraw conclusions strongly based in your data experiment. Manual quantification only provides subjective data that rely on personal observation, but now it is possible to get easily the objective and reproducible quantification you need, thanks to WimRetina – Retina vessels.

WimRetina – Retina vessels is designed to generate an objective and accurate quantification of the vascular system of the retina and the processes involved in its evolution and growth, like the sprouting of new vessels, the vessel growth and proliferation and the remodeling of the vascular structure. It provides biological and biomedical researchers with reproducible and reliable measurements that are obtained thanks to the accurate detection of the blood vessel network in the region of interest shown on the retina image (main visible petal or complete retina).

WimRetina – Retina vessels uses as input fluorescence microscopy images of the retina vessels assay, where the retina is shown in a flower-like structure and the vascular network can be easily differentiated from the dark background as marked with fluorescence staining in bright colors. Both images with the complete retina visible and images with just one petal can be analyzed. Besides, WimRetina – Retina vessels is designed with flexibility to be easily adaptable to any other image microscopy kind; so if your retina vessel images do not fit the conditions above, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a trial for your images.
Retina Angiogenesis sample image granted by the Vascular Biology Program of the Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology, Sydney.
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  • Akira Imai , Yuichi Toriyama , Yasuhiro Iesato , Kazutaka Hirabayashi , Takayuki Sakurai , Akiko Kamiyoshi , Yuka Ichikawa-Shindo , Hisaka Kawate , Megumu Tanaka , Tian Liu , Xian Xian , Liuyu Zhai , Kun Dai , Keiya Tanimura , Teng Liu , Nanqi Cui , Akihiro Yamauchi , Toshinori Murata , Takayuki Shindo. Adrenomedullin Suppresses Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor–Induced Vascular Hyperpermeability and Inflammation in Retinopathy The American Journal of Pathology. March 2017
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Analysis data contain
  • ✔ Number of vessels segments
  • ✔ Number of branching points
  • ✔ Number of loops
  • ✔ Number of nets
  • ✔ Vessel density
  • ✔ Mean segment length
  • ✔ Total vessel network length
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