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Cytotoxicity assays are a crucial aspect in researches where the use of agents with a disruptive potential on cells can compromise the viability of the cell population resulting in unwanted cytotoxic effects, e.g. the drug development process. They are also a key tool to screen therapeutic compounds in the development of cancer treatments.

The cytotoxic effects of toxic agents can be easily observed using fluorescent dyes, such as the trypan blue or Propidium Iodide, but the objective quantification of the affected cell population in the fluorescence microscopy images produced on the assay becomes a difficult task that only the appropriate tool can succeed to do. WimCytotoxicity tool helps researchers perform this task with high precision and accuracy.

WimCytotoxicity tool is designed to generate an objective and reproducible quantification of cytotoxicity in fluorescence microscopy images of cell cultures. The quantification is based on the detection of the whole cell population and the identification on it of the cells affected by the cytotoxic agents. This recognition is possible thanks to our fast high-end image processing algorithms, which allows an accurate analysis of the cell cultures in record time.

WimCytotoxicity is specially developed for fluorescence microscopy images with two different dyes: one dye for the viable cell population and another for the cytotoxicity-affected cells. Additionally, an extra nuclear dye can be applied to stain cellular nuclei, which will improve the accuracy of the cell detection algorithm. Besides, the flexibility of WimCytotoxicity tool makes it suitable for other image kinds; so, if your cytotoxicity images do not fulfill the requirements above, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a trial for your images.
Cytotoxicity sample image granted by Roche Applied Science.
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