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The comet assay is an extended method for the detection of DNA damage. Its simplicity, rapidness and reliability make it ideal for a wide variety of experiments where the study of DNA damage is the target. Some experiments where the comet assay is generally used are the study of genotoxicity in the screening of new drug compounds, the monitoring of environmental contamination with genotoxins and the research of fundamental DNA damage and repair.

The easiness of the comet assay combined with its reliability makes of it one of the most interesting and extended techniques to measure DNA damage. The DNA damage can be easily observed in the comet-like structure, but not so easily quantified. The use of image processing and analysis is the key to get objective and reproducible data to help you measure objectively the DNA damage in your comet assay. WimComet is conceived to provide you with that objective quantification with precision and reliability.

WimComet tool is the image analysis solution specially designed to measure objectively the DNA damage in comet assay images with high precision and reliability. It makes an automated and reproducible quantification of the comet head and tail using high-end image processing algorithms to detect and compare the signals of the two of them. With WimComet, you will get your comet assay images automatically analyzed in record time.

WimComet uses as input fluorescence microscopy images of the comet assay, where the bright comets are shown in a dark background. Both, images with one or several comets, can be analyzed. Besides, WimComet is engineered with the flexibility needed to fit other image kinds, so if your comet assay images do not fulfill the requirements above, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a trial for your images.
Comet assay image granted by the Department of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin.
  • Xiaodong Cheng, Michael T. Byrne, Kevin Brown, Marina Konopleva, Steven M. Kornblau, Richard L Bennett and W. Stratford May. PKR Inhibits the DNA Damage Response and Correlates with Poor Clinical Outcomes in AML Blood. December 2014
  • Michael Byrne, Richard L. Bennett, Xiaodong Cheng, W. Stratford May. Progressive Genomic Instability in the Nup98-HoxD13 Model of MDS Correlates with Loss of the PIG-A Gene Product Neoplasia. August 2014
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