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The colony forming assay is a frequently used technique to measure the ability of cells to grow, monitoring the formation of colonies from an initially known cell population. The formation of colonies requires intensive division of the original cells, so the quantification of the number of cells or colonies throughout the experiment constitutes the perfect indicator of the growth potential of cells. As a result, the colony forming assay has become an assay of extensive use in cancer research to study the effects of drugs and the ionizing radiation therapy in carcinogenic cell proliferation.

The observation of the colony forming process and development by the human eye is a practical method to estimate the evolution of the assay, but a very ineffective way to compare the proliferation activity of two different cell cultures. It lacks of objectivity, which makes it unsuitable to quantify the process of colony forming, compare results of different experiments and determine objectively the effects of external agents on the growth potential of cells. WimColony is specially made to provide you the objective data you need to make the most of your research.

WimColony tool is designed to make an objective and reproducible quantification of colony forming in images of cell cultures. The quantification is based on the detection of each individual cell and colony and the extraction of their identifying characteristics in order to provide reliable data about the colony population and development. This recognition is possible thanks to our fast high-end image processing algorithms, which allows an accurate analysis of the cell cultures in record time.

WimColony uses as input phase contrast, bright field and fluorescence microscopy images of cell colonies in any stage of the colony forming process. Besides, WimColony is targeted to provide the best analysis for any kind of colony forming assay, so if your colony forming images do not fulfill the requirements above, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a trial for your images.
Colony forming assay sample images granted by ProQinase GmbH.
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