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Lipid droplets are fundamental in regulating the storage of neutral lipids, that could be accessed according to metabolic request. But they are not only energy depots, as this dynamic organelles form part of many biological processes like cellular energy homeostasis and lipid metabolism. The lipid droplets assay is used, therefore, in research of metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and atheroscleros.

WimLipid is our image analysis solution specially developed to quantify objectively the proliferation, growth and distribution of lipid droplets, providing reliable data such as the number of these organelles, their covered area or the distribution of areas in intervals.

WimLipid uses as inputs brigthfield, phase contrast or fluorescence microscopy images of lipid droplets assay images. Lipid droplets could appear refractile or stained, as shown in the next image. Optionally, cells can be stained with nuclear dyes (such as the DAPI or Hoechst), which will be helpful to provide extra parameters of the analysis.
Lipid Droplets image granted by the ZIEL Molecular Nutritional Medicine, Technische Universität München.
  • Verena Hirschberg. Analysis of uncoupling protein 1 and CideA function in two mammalian cell lines PhD Thesis - TU Munich. January 2012
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Analysis data contain
  • ✔ Number of lipid droplets
  • ✔ Covered area by lipid droplets
  • ✔ Mean area
  • ✔ Distribution of areas in intervals
  • ✔ Number of lipid droplets and area per cell (only for nuclei stained samples).
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Case studies
Technical University of Munich
Molecular Food Technology and Safety
At the chair of Molecular Nutritional Medicine we study the balance between energy intake and expenditure. Thermogenic brown adipocytes profoundly contribute to the latter by dissipating nutrient energy in the form of heat. Characteristic features of brown as compared to white adipocytes are the lower size and greater number of lipid droplets as well as the smaller overall cell size.

Wimasis has developed a custom solutiom to us to automatically determine adipocyte size and number in images of histological sections that saves us hours and hours of manual counting and measuring. Even better, in cooperation with Wimasis, we established an image analysis procedure enabling us to quantify lipid droplet size and number in images of cultured adipocytes. A task that is impossible to perform manually and far less efficient with off-the-shelf particle recognition software in our hands.

With Wimasis image analyses we do not only save a lot of time, but are even able to extract more quantitative information out of every image we take.
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