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The formation of new blood vessels is essential in growth and development of biological systems. The research focus of many drug screening and cell signaling studies is aiming at the interaction of initial and continuous growth and sustentation of solid tumors and its complex physiological processes due to angiogenic activity.

The in vitro Tube Formation Assay is based on the differentiation of endothelial cells and the formation of tube-like structures on an extracellular matrix such as Matrigel® (BD).

This assay can be conducted to screen compounds for angiogenic activity and is able to deliver good, reproducible results. The major advantage of this assay is that it offers the opportunity to monitor angiogenic behavior over time and therefore enabling the estimation of time dependent effects on the neovascularization.

The objective, reliable, and precise quantification of Tube Formation images is ensured by the Wimasis WimTube Solution, without the need for extra hardware or software. WimTube is engineered with flexibility to adapt to all kind of images, so it accepts images of the whole range of microscopy techniques used in tube formation assay with the aim to provide every researcher with the automated analysis that best fits his needs.
Tube Formation image sample provided by the Institute of Biomedicine (IBIOMED) of the University of León, Spain.
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Case studies
The Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
Center for Drug Research, Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology (Prof. Angelika Vollmar)
The Center for Drug Research covers all research areas around the development of novel drug – from chemical synthesis to innovative formulations. At the Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology (Prof. Dr. Angelika Vollmar) we investigate the pharmaceutical potential of natural compounds, be it of plant, animal or microbial origin.

Our main focus lies on tumor biology, with tumor angiogenesis (Prof. Dr. Stefan Zahler) as a central topic. Inhibiting the vessel growth in tumors in order to “starve” the malignancy is an old therapeutic concept, which has led to some clinical success, but still has its limits: due to evasive strategies of the tumors and to development of resistances we are still in need of novel therapeutic targets and inhibitors of angiogenesis.
Therefore, not only try to get a better academic understanding of the angiogenesis process, but also screen novel inhibitors. More complex angiogenesis assays, like the tube formation assay, are image based and tedious to evaluate by hand.

Therefore they often are of limited use for screening purposes. The WimTube module overcomes this problem: it enables a robust rational evaluation of tube formation assays, and allows us to use this assay in a medium throughput screening approach.
In addition to the highly reproducible analysis, we also get valuable morphological information, which has to date not been used in classical evaluation routines.
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