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Transfection is one of the most extended practices in the study of genetics and the development of new gene therapy paths. It is a simple, but effective method that consists on the introduction of DNA material into cells by opening spots in the cell membrane through which the nucleic acids are inserted. Transfected cells are forced to incorporate the foreign genetic material, which can result in a series of changes in cell morphology and other properties of high interest in genetics. Some of the many uses of this assay are the development of genetic treatments for cancer, AIDS and other diseases, and the research into improved vegetables, fruits and plants characteristics through the generation of transgenic specimens.

The study of transfection in cell cultures requires the production of a high number of transfected cells that need to be screened and monitored. The examination of the transfected cell population in a culture can become a tedious and time-consuming task, when performed by manual quantification. WimTransfection is specially designed to overcome this task fast and easily, providing you with objective and reliable results for as many images as you have.

WimTransfection tool is designed to generate an objective and reproducible quantification of transfection in fluorescence microscopy images of cell cultures. The quantification is based on the detection of the whole cell population and the identification on it of the transfected cells, marked with the transfection reagents. This recognition is possible thanks to our fast high-end image processing algorithms that allow an accurate analysis of the transfected cell cultures in record time.

WimTransfection uses as input fluorescence microscopy images with two different dyes: one dye for the whole cell population and another for the transfection reagent. Optionally, an extra nuclear dye can be applied to stain cellular nuclei, which will improve the precision of the cell detection and the accuracy of the results. Besides, WimTransfection is created with flexibility to adapt to every kind of transfection, so if your transfection images do not fulfill the conditions above, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a trial for your images.
Transfection assay sample image granted by ibidi GmbH.
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