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WimSprout is the Image Analysis Solution to quantitatively evaluate new generated sprouts during sprouting assay. With WimSprout you can easily observe and estimate the angiogenesis process in vitro and identify the pro- and antiangiogenetic factors in your sprouting assay.

To use WimSprout no extra hardware or software is needed - just upload your images to your account at myWim image analysis platform and get your results faster than ever.

WimSprout has different analysis modules adapted to every kind of sprouting assay: sprouting spheroid, aortic ring and fibrin beads assays. Just choose the WimSprout that best fits your assay needs, WimSprout - Sprouting Spheroid, WimSprout - Aortic Ring or WimSprout - Fibrin Beads, and get your image analysis done fast and consistently.

The results as a brief summary are delivered via e-mail. CSV data for in depth statistical evaluation and overlay images are ready-to-download at myWim platform.
Aortic Ring sample image granted by Dr.Filipa Curado from the Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB), Inserm, Bordeaux.
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Analysis data contain
  • ✔ spheroid/aortic ring/beads area [px]
  • ✔ sprouts area [px]
  • ✔ number of sprouts
  • ✔ cumulative sprout length [px]
  • ✔ mean sprout length [px]
  • ✔ standard deviation of sprout length [px]
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