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Professional services

Wimasis is devoted to deliver high-class image analysis solutions for biomedical, pharmaceutical and other life sciences experts to boost their activities and help them automate their work processes.

Our established line of automated image analysis solutions on the web constitutes a clear example of it, but it is only one of the different ways we can help you with. Our company’s mission is to provide each and every life sciences professional with the image analysis he needs, no matter what the field of activity, the difficulty of the task or the complexity of the solution might be; Wimasis makes innovation happen.

Our professional services

Wimasis provides professional image analysis services and data handling solutions that attend needs related to the image analysis activities. Wimasis services range from the different ways of extraction of relevant data from images by means of digital processing to the creation of a data management system to organize the voluminous data amounts generated with high content screening or to the personal advising and guidance to improve the image analysis processes. Different services, but their goal remains the same: to offer a premium solution completely custom fitted to the needs of our customers.

Our expertise in image analysis is a guarantee of success in the development of our personalized analysis and data handling solutions. Our team of engineers is prepared to defeat any challenging situation and create the perfect solution to increase the productivity and value of your work. We will find the best solution and make it for you.

Some examples of the analysis services we provide are:

  • ✔ Custom image analysis software
  • ✔ In-house image analysis solutions
  • ✔ Image analysis integrated in a physical device
  • ✔ Image analysis data mining solutions
  • ✔ Custom analysis platforms
  • ✔ Data storage and management platform
Development process

The development process of custom tools is always in cooperation with the customer. Our creation process is completely guided by the directions of the customer to make sure that the final solution is nothing but the idea of the customer come to life. Our main principle: tell us what you need, we make it happens.

The development process of a custom service counts with two main phases:

  1. Specifications. The customer states the problem and gives us all the guidelines to get started to work on the solution.
  2. Development of solution. Wimasis engineers work on the creation of a tool that gives solution to the problem stated. The work in this phase is marked by the constant feedback exchange between the customer and Wimasis and does not finish until the user is 100% happy with the solution we develop.

Your satisfaction is our quality certificate

Customer satisfaction is the most important for us; that is why, our work doesn’t end until we reach full satisfaction of our customer with the product developed for

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