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Wimasis Professional Services

Our team is ready to help you with any challenge that you may face.
We will find the best solution and develop it for you.

Custom image analysis
Custom image analysis Professional services

Whether your assay is not covered by our product range or you work outside the biomedical field, we can develop a custom solution for you. Our development team has a strong background in developing image analysis software for different applications and fields.

In-house systems
In house systems Professional services

If a locally managed image analysis framework is your preferred option, we can adapt our image analysis services to your work environment and provide you with the whole hardware, software and communications set-up customized to your needs. An easy, fast and automated solution.

Physical device integration
Physical device integration Professional services

Integrated systems make it easy and smooth to handle the whole images acquisition, quantification and data analysis process with just one piece of equipment. If you want to add value to your image acquisition equipment, we can develop the right image analysis solution to go with it.

Data analysis
Data analysis Professional services

High-content screening generates large volumes of data that can be overwhelming to analyze without computer aid. Additional to solutions for the quantification of your images, we can develop solutions to extract meaningful results out of the extensive raw data generated from it.

Data storage and management
Data storage and management Professional services

The huge amounts of data obtained can become troublesome to store, manage and work with. We can provide you with custom PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) services, so you can access it anywhere, anytime. We keep your data accessible, organized and safe.

Machine Learning & Data Mining
Machine Learning & Data Mining Professional services

At Wimasis, we offer you Machine Learning and Data Mining to provide you with deeper knowledge about the intricate correlations of your assay results. Whether you want to classify regions within your images or you want to find relationships between your output results, we can get you there.

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Ready to boost your research?

Contact us to share the project that you want to develop with us. Our team will carefully assess all the information provided and offer you our best solution for your needs.

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