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Wimasis offers its image analysis as an online service through its image analysis platform myWim.

With myWim, you get full accessibility to our image analysis anywhere, anytime and you can check your results any moment you want, just having a computer and the internet; the ideal realization of the no boundaries concept in image analysis made true. myWim is fast, reliable and easy to use. Register and get started analyzing your images now! Here a couple of hints to help you get started.

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Get your image analysis done in three easy steps! +see

To start using Wimasis automated image analysis modules, you just need an account and your images. Just as easy as it sounds! Follow these easy steps to get your account created and your images analyzed:

1. Create your account

It is free and quick and it will give you access to all our free trials. To create your account at myWim, just browse and fill in the blanks with your professional data. Click in “Sign Up for Free” and activate the account by clicking on the link you will get in your email inbox and it is done!

2. Upload your images

Go to the Upload Section in myWim and choose the WimApp correspondent to your assay type. Select the images you want to upload and add them to the module. They will be instantly process and you will receive an email to notify you of the correct upload to the module.

3. Get your results

After the processing of your images, the analysis is held in our servers and the results delivered within minutes on your account. An email will notify you of the availability of the results and provide you with a short summary of the order data. The complete results are available to download from the Results Section of your account in myWim. We care about your privacy! To make sure that you keep track of everything happening in your account, we send you an email every time there is a relevant movement in your account. In this way, you are always up-to-date with your myWim account and informed of the status of each of your analysis orders.

Customize your data readouts! +see

Before you upload your order, you can choose the format of the data readouts in the Settings Section of myWim. Enter the “Data Settings” area and select the decimal separator for your numerical data (dot/comma), the file format of your chart readouts (png/svg) or the csv delimiter of your data readouts (column separator for the tables in your spreadsheet). By checking on your data settings, you will make sure that the results of your order will be given in the format you prefer!

Other parameters of your account can also be customized in the Settings Section, like your personal data or your password.

Use our free trial +see

You can test all the WimApps for free and without compromise. Wimasis offers a free trial for all our modules that is directly gifted with the registration in myWim, in this way you can try the automated image analysis experience completely free of cost. All our free trials are available in the Upload Section of myWim and can be used right after the activation of the account.

The trial version of the WimApps is exactly the same as the standard version of the analysis, with the aim to have you test the real image analysis service with all its features. No lower quality, no reduced parameters, no tighter requirements. So, experience the automated image analysis for yourself and enjoy the free analysis! Wimasis standard WimApps can be custom fitted to fulfill the most demanding requirements of each user and analyze images with the most adverse conditions for any image analysis to succeed. Use the free trial modules to check for possible customizations for the analysis and get it 100% adapted to your images requirements. A piece of advice to make the most of the trial for these purposes:

Upload images from different experiments: image conditions (illumination, cleanness, sharpness...) usually change from one experiment to another. Make sure that you get the module to give optimum results for all of them.

Don’t upload all your images at a time: you may get different images in the next experiment. Use the free trial wisely.

Check the data readouts in detail: extra parameters can be added to the analysis. Take all the time required to have a look at the data readouts and think of possible additions for your analysis.

Give us feedback: let us know what you think of the analysis and ask freely for

More about myWim system +see

The myWim system is the life materialization of Wimasis image analysis concept: analysis ready-to-serve, easy to use and fast! Its key ingredients? myWim – the online image analysis platform – and our WimApps – the automated image analysis modules.

myWim platform is Wimasis image analysis platform, designed by our team of experts and supported by our IT crew. It is a dynamic platform that holds our automated image analysis modules. It is hosted on Wimasis servers under a special security protection to keep your images always away of intruders and threats. The platform itself is http secured, so any transfer of information between Wimasis and the user is held under an encryption process that assures the privacy of the data transaction. For this reason, the opening of a private account in myWim is mandatory to get started to use our services. To learn more about how Wimasis protects your images, see our Security Policy section.

WimApps are the image analysis modules ready-to-use hosted in myWim. There is one module per assay type and they are all completely configured to process the images automatically and output the analysis data by the simply upload of the images. There are no parameters to adjust and no elements to be programmed, because all the WimApps are:

Automated: they are completely designed to work directly with your images, without the user intervention. That is the upload-download Wimasis concept!

Standardized: Wimasis modules are developed using thousands of images with different conditions to make them suitable for any possible image characteristics. WimApps standardization process is the key to provide optimum results for all image types.

Wimasis works for your satisfaction. Your opinion is the guideline of our work, that is why, it is so relevant that you tell us your impressions about our image analysis and myWim platform. You can use the Order feedback area in the Results Section to provide us with your opinion on one order or an analysis module. You can also send us your opinion using the Contact Form.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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