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Breakthrough research is by definition singular and challenging to standardize. Our Custom Solution service is designed to provide you with a personalized image analysis development to fit your needs.

We put our vast expertise in tailored image analysis solutions and our love for a challenge into play to boost your research.

Discover the benefits of getting your Custom Solutions

  • Cost-free evaluation of the feasibility of your requirements.
  • Rapid turnaround with initial feedback.
  • Transparent and flexible cost structure allow you to plan your budget precisely.
  • No new hard- or software needed.
  • Online avaibility allows you to share your tool with your entire company or university.

How to request it

That is simple! Just go to myWim, Wimasis' Image Analysis Platform, and follow these steps:

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Enjoy the results

It all begins with a cost-free feasibility study, in which you describe to us the specific analysis that you need and we evaluate the viability of developing it. You can start it either by uploading your images to the Feasibility Study area of myWim or directly contacting us. The more information about your idea in mind that you send us, the better that we will be able to determine its feasibility.

We will carefully assess the images and information that you provide us and will give you feedback on how we can tackle your challenge, including example results, as soon as possible. And remember, you will receive the feasibility study free of charge so you can better decide if the benefit of having an objective and automated online solution for your needs is worth the cost.

See some of our developed solutions

We develop image analysis algorithms and modules that can be used to quantify almost every assay that you could carry out. Some of the challenges that we have already faced are:

  • Inmunohistochemistry tissue quantification
  • Quality control for CT spindle production
  • Detection and quantification of retinal acellular capillaries
  • Zebrafish embryos characterization
  • Electron microscope identification of bubbles in nanomaterials
  • Biofilm growth analysis
  • DNA microarray quantification
  • Dot blot protein identification
  • Focal adhesion image analysis
  • Analysis of mitochondrial stereological parameters
Ben Schneider et al.
Microcomputed tomography visualization and quantitation of the pulmonary arterial microvascular tree in mouse models of chronic lung disease
Pulmonary Circulation
July 2023
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case study
The Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich
The Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich DE
Thanks to Wimasis we were able to realize a totally new method and save a lot of time
Maximilian Wintergerst
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pie circulos
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