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Frequently Asked Questions
The uploader says I do not have any images left, how can I get more?

Just go to our products page and choose the product you want to use from our list. On the right side of the product page just choose the amount of images that you want to buy and click on "Buy and use today!". You will be taken to our shop when you can complete the purchase procedure and enjoy your newly acquired images.

I would like to use your services but I would like to test them first, can I do it?

You can try all of our products for free for a limited number of images/videos. Just sign up or log in (if you are already signed up) in our image analysis platform. You can then click on "Upload" and choose the product that you want to try for free.

I want to close my Wimasis account, how can I do that?

We are sorry to hear that :_(. Just log in to the image analysis platform, go to Settings->Contact details. At the bottom of the page you will find the option to have your account deleted.

I have some images that I want to analyze but none of your products fit my needs, what can I do?

We can conduct a free of charge feasibility study to develop an individual solution for you. Just contact us here and tell us about what you need. Attaching some example images and as much information as you can about what you want us to do with them can help us better assess the feasibility of your project.

I am not getting the results for the images I uploaded, why is that?

Some analyses are not yet fully automatic so the results do not reach you as soon as the images are processed. Before that, we review your results to ensure that they are correct and fix any error if present. This procedure can take as much as 48h so if you do not receive your results in that time, please contact us here

How many images can I upload at once?

As many as you have in your image/video quota, that is the only limit. If you the number of images you upload exceed your quota, your order will not be processed and you will receive an email informing you about it.

How can I cite a Wimasis product in my scientific paper?

There is a “How to Cite Us” link in each product page, with the citation text both in plain text and Bibtex format. Just go to the products page and choose the product that you want to cite. You can find the information at the bottom of the page.

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