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The sprouting assay is a common approach for angiogenic activity characterization

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Objective, reproducible, and precise quantification of sprout assay images is ensured by our WimSprout online automated solution.

It is the image analysis solution to evaluate new generated sprouts during the sprouting assay. With WimSprout you can easily observe and estimate the angiogenesis process in vitro and identify the pro- and anti-angiogenic factors in your sprouting assay.

You take the images, we do the rest.

Analyzing the sprouting assay

The WimSprout solution has different analysis modules adapted to every kind of sprouting assay: sprouting spheroid, aortic ring and fibrin beads assays. Just choose the modality that best fits your assay needs, WimSprout - Sprouting Spheroid, WimSprout - Aortic Ring or WimSprout - Fibrin Beads, and get your image analysis done fast and consistently. If your modality is not covered by these three, we can develop a custom analysis for you upon request.

To use this solution no extra hardware or software is needed - just upload your images to your account at myWim image analysis platform and get your results faster than ever.

Discover the benefits of using WimSprout

There are many advantages of adding WimSprout to your workflow:

  • It is easy to use, fast and automated. Just upload your images and get your results in minutes.
  • Just pay for your number of images, not a cent more. WimSprout is a pay-per-use service.
  • Takes objective measurements with precision and accuracy.
  • Suits for the reproducibility paradigm: same rules to measure the same kind of experiments.
  • Check your results from your Wimasis account anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

How it works

That is simple! Just go to myWim, Wimasis' Image Analysis Platform, and follow these steps:

join us
Create an account
upload images
Upload your images
Enjoy the results

Would you like to know more about Wimasis Cloud? Please, click here for further information.

Results that make a difference

For every image that you upload, WimSprout will generate an output CSV sheet file that will give you insight into the outcome of your experiment. Some of the measurements included are:

  • Spheroid/aortic ring/beads area [px]
  • Sprouts area [px]
  • Number of sprouts
  • Cumulative sprout length [px]
  • Mean sprout length [px]
  • Standard deviation of sprout length [px]

Besides, a detailed control image is generated in order to help you to visualize the parameters that WimSprout provides you with:

Sprouts covered area
Sprouts lenght
Sprouts end-points

Would you like to get any other parameter? Ask for it!

See more about WimSprout

Here you can find some extra resources that will help you to fully understand this solution:

Nikoleta F. Theodoroula et al.
Assessing the Differentiation Capacity of Human Lung Fibroblasts towards Endothelial Cells for Potential Clinical Exploitation
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July 2023
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