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Repetitive tasks in your workflow can take precious time necessary for breakthrough ideas to happen. Wimasis offers image analysis services designed to improve the results of your most time-consuming and challenging manual assay analyses.
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Simplify your quantitative image analysis process by uploading your data to our myWim cloud platform and receive your results within minutes. Reproducible, robust quantification at your hand without the need of buying new hardware or software.
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Extracting objective, reliable data to push your research forward is our commitment. No matter how complex your system or the problem you want to tackle is, we can develop a solution to enhance your work.
You take the images, we do the rest.
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Ruili Guo, Xue Wang, Yani Fang, Xiongjian Chen, Kun Chen, Wenting Huang, Jun Chen, Jian Hu, Fei Liang, Jingting Du, Confidence Dordoe, Xianxi Tian, Li Lin
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
November 2021
Negar Azarpira, Maryam Kaviani Fatemeh, Sabet Sarvestani
Incorporation of VEGF-and bFGF-loaded alginate oxide particles in acellular collagen-alginate composite hydrogel to promote angiogenesis
Tissue and Cell
October 2021
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