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Repetitive tasks in your workflow can take precious time necessary for breakthrough ideas to happen. Wimasis offers image analysis services designed to improve the results of your most time-consuming and challenging manual assay analyses.
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Simplify your quantitative image analysis process by uploading your data to our myWim cloud platform and receive your results within minutes. Reproducible, robust quantification at your hand without the need of buying new hardware or software.
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Extracting objective, reliable data to push your research forward is our commitment. No matter how complex your system or the problem you want to tackle is, we can develop a solution to enhance your work.
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Hyungtaek Jeon, Seung Ro Han, Suhyuk Lee, Sang June Park, Joo Heon Kim, Seung-Min Yoo & Myung-Shin Lee
Activation of the complement system in an osteosarcoma cell line promotes angiogenesis through enhanced production of growth factors
Scientific Reports
April 2018
Kinga G Blecharz-Lang, Vincent Prinz, Malgorzata Burek, Dietmar Frey, Tobias Schenkel, Susanne M Krug, Michael Fromm, Peter Vajkoczy
Gelatinolytic activity of autocrine matrix metalloproteinase-9 leads to endothelial de-arrangement in Moyamoya disease
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism
April 2018
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